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Brick Cartage Solutions

LiftRite have worked with the brick cartage industry for many years, with many of the major players recognising the flexibility and cost efficiency of the Manitou product.

Having local knowledge of the issues faced by brick transporters has helped LiftRite in providing solutions that meet the needs of this industry. Managing challenges such as the Western Australian sand can make product choice critical for cartage operators to be successful. Through experience LiftRite can now provide “off the shelf” solutions saving you time, money and reducing the risk of getting it wrong.

LiftRite successfully provide several Industry Solutions for Brick Cartage




Manitou excavator head - forked
Manitou brick cartage solution machine

Manitou MT-X625 Brick Cartage solution

  • Machine weight – 4750 Kg
  • Reach – 5.85 M
  • Capacity – 2.5 tonnes
  • Attachment – Brick Forks
  • Drive – 4×4 and 4 Wheel Steering

The MT-X625 is ideal for transport on brick trucks, it’s compact, low machine weight and 2.5 tonne capacity ensures that it has the ability to lift brick packs whilst not using up the available truck capacity. The compact design and 4 wheel steering allows easy manoeuvering in tight developement sites.

Manitou TMT 25S Brick Cartage Solution


  • Machine weight – less than 2500 Kg
  • Reach – 3.14 Metres
  • Capacity – 2.5 tonnes
  • Attachment – Brick forks
  • Drive – 3×3

TMT has strong off road capability and enough reach for single side unloading. Coupled with a mounting system that doesnt impact the deck space, this unit is an excellent option where space and weight constrains other options.

Decoupling from the truck is very fast, taking less than a minute to unlock and lower to the ground for work. No ramps that need extra loading space or getting in the way.

TMT is equipped with a telescopic mast which allows excellent reach but is highly compact when down ensuring low impact on the truck capacity.

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