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Kobelco ED160 Blade Runner

Blue Kobelco excavator

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Make: Kobelco
Model: ED160 Blade Runner ED160BR-5
Operating Weight (kg) : 16300 Kg
Engine : Tier IV Final Isuzu 4JJXDTRA
Power : 73.9 kW
Output (rpm) : 2000
Width (mm) : 2490 mm
Height (mm) : 3030 mm
Maximum Travel Speed (kph) : 4.8 / 2.4
Digging Depth - Maximum (mm) : 5360 mm / 5820 mm
Track Type : Steel
Unit Swing Speed (rpm) : 11.0 min
Blade Width (mm) : 3260 mm
Blade Height (mm) : 1010 mm
Fuel Type: Diesel
Warranty: 2 years / 3000 hours + 4 years / 6000 hours EPT warranty

Excavator and dozer in one versatile machine.
Stage 4 compliant engine.
6-way power angle-tilt blade with single-level dozer control. The large fitted dozing blade is 3.26 m wide and 0.815m high to readily shift large volumes of earth.
Heavy duty undercarriage with a curved track design, chains and motors, and curved track shoes for minimising ground disturbance while turning.
Ultimate low noise and dust reduction with Kobelco's proprietary iNDr system.
Plenty of ground clearance and great swing power, short cycle times.
Compact swing radius for efficient operation on sites with limited space, only 190mm tail overhang from tracks.
Easy transportability with a folding blade design, allowing for a 2590mm transport width.
Includes Kobelco Geoscan Excavator Remote Monitoring System.