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LiftRite Custom Solutions

Sometimes there simply isnt an “off the rack” solution for what our customers need to achieve. It may be a task that requires a unique tool, an environment that impacts on the job, or perhaps it may simply be that no-one has tried to improve or automate that specific job.

Regardless of the reasons LiftRite have been providing unique and custom solutions across a wide range of equipment to many customers for many years. Improving safety, efficiency and outcomes, a LiftRite solution ensures that the job is done right and maximises your equipment.

Big or small LiftRite can do  the job, we frequently prepare equipment for harsh environments such as fertiliser production or mining industries where some extra work is required to make the equipment fit for purpose, safer or to improve life cycles. Alternatively very large jobs such as a drill head mounted to a Manitou MT-X1840 can also be managed.

Compliance and Safety

Compliance with Australia Standards and Workplace Safety is a top priority. A LiftRite solution comes the appropriate Design Registrations, Manufacturers Load Charts, Operators Manuals and software to suit the attachments where it is required. Above all LiftRite works with the manufacturers to achieve engineering that correctly integrates with the equipment that it’s going to be used on ensuring productivity and safety.


Below are just some of the solutions provided by LiftRite. If you cant find your solution, Talk to the LiftRite Team.

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MT-X1440A / 1840A Custom Access Basket

Underground Spec Truck Mounted Forklifts

Rust Proofing & Fire Suppression

LiftRite Solutions

When you partner with LiftRite for solutions, we work with you to solve the issue and keep it solved! 

Talk to our Team today and apply the best solution!