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Manitou MRT Rotating Telehandler Range Update


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Manitou MRT Rotating Telehandlers

The Manitou Rotating Telehandler is one of the most flexible and productive machines available on the market today. With the ability to cover tasks traditionally done by Telehandlers, Elevating Work Platforms and Cranes.

Additionally the Manitou MRT can be equipped with a raft of attachments to further enhance productivity.





Manitou announces it’s latest rotating telehandler, vastly increasing capacity.

Introducing the MRT-X 2470 Privilege Plus

With 7.0 tonne capacity ad a massive 24.8 metre lift height.

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Manitou Rotating Telehandlers are available in 6 models with 4000 to 4999 Kg capacity and 13.8 to a massive 29.7 metre lifting height.

MRT-X1440 Easy 4000 Kg 13.8 metre lift

MRT-X1640 Easy 4000 Kg 15.8 metre lift

MRT-X1840 Easy 4000 Kg 17.9 mtre lift

MRT-X2150 Privilege Plus 4000 Kg 20.9 metre lift

MRT-X2470 Privilege Plus 7000 Kg 24.8 metre lift

MRT-X2540 Privilege Plus 4000 Kg 24.6 metre lift

MRT-X3050 4999 Kg 29.7 metre lift

Industry Flexibility


Manitou MRT is perfect for Construction, Mining and Maintenance operations where it can be costly or impractical to have separate equipment where one can cover it all.

Telehandler functions

Lifting duties on forks and buckets is routine work for a telehandler. MRT is supplied standard with forks. Buckets are readily available.

Elevating Work Platform

MRT have approved baskets available to service most industries including the unique basket with winch to enable items to be lifted into place and fitted at height without the need for two machines.

With 350 mm ground clearance and up to 29.6 metres lifting height this machine is a genuine Rough Terrain EWP exceding all where stability and safety is truly key.


MRT can be supplied with genuine Manitou crane jibs, frame mounted hooks or extension jibs with winch to cover a larger range of crane tasks.

MRT Key Features


Power MRT-X1440, 1640, 1840 3050: Perkins 74.5 kW

Power MRT-X2150, 2450: Mercedes 110 kW

Transmission: Hydrostatic

Travel Speed: 40 KM/H

Outriggers: 4 Standard

Joystick Control: Standard

Radio Control System: Available

Drive : 4 Wheel Drive

Steering: 3 Steering Modes, 4 Wheel Steer

Safety: FOPS / ROPS Standard

Frame Leveling: Standard

Boom Type: Telescopic

Aux Hydraulic: Std at Boom Head


3D Basket System

EWP Basket

Crane Jib

Platform with Winch

Concrete Skip

Extendible Jib

Frame Mounted Hook

Frame mounted hook

Rehandling Bucket

Rehandling Bucket

For more information on improving productivity with the MRT Range talk to the LiftRite Team and take a demonstration today!