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Industry Solutions

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LiftRite Industry Solutions

LiftRite Hire & Sales have 33 years experience in the material handling field and carry some of the worlds best equipment from major manufacturers. Our customers are always needing more from their equipment and LiftRite have taken these challenges on to improve the productivity of our equipment with industry solutions.

Working with customers to provide solutions that work and are sustainable for them has been a key focus of the business for many years. Our expert team have successfully supplied equipment to carry our specific tasks across the construction, mining and warehousing industries.

Transport is always a key feature with machines such as the brilliant Brick Cartage MT-X625 unit which now has high volumes in the marketplace due to it’s effectiveness.

LiftRite are able to supply a wide range of industry solutions in the form of attachments which improve safety and efficiency. Many of these are available off the shelf and will suit existing machines owned by our customers.

Talk to our Team about your challenges and we’ll look at an industry solution with you!