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Kalmar Equipment

  • Kalmar Essential Range

  • Forklift Trucks 5 - 9 Tons

  • Forklift Trucks 9 - 18 Tons

  • Forklift Trucks 18 - 52 Tons

  • Forklift Trucks Super-heavy

  • Empty Container Handlers

  • Reach Stackers

  • Kalmar Technology



 1. Quality & Durability

 2. Reliability & Precision

 3. High-productivity machines

 4. K-Motion technology for fuel & energy savings

 5. Long service life

 6. Operator comfort

 7. Eco-aware engineering

 8. SmartFleet reporting

 9. Wide range of forklifts, reachstackers and container handlers

?   10. Nationwide support network


LiftRite Hire & Sales is the exclusive dealer for Kalmar Global forklifts and container handling equipment throughout Perth, and the only Kalmar-approved dealer in Western Australia.

Kalmar is the industry frontrunner in container handling equipment – one in every four containers moved around the world is handled by a Kalmar product at some stage.

We have a vast range of Kalmar lifting equipment for sale including medium and high capacity forklifts, as well as empty container handlers and high reach forklift trucks.

  • Medium Capacity Forklifts – these 5 – 9 tonne forklifts combined power and precision for fast, safe and economical handling.
  • High Capacity Forklifts – 18 – 52 tonne  forklifts, Kalmar’s high capacity forklift trucks represent the pinnacle of materials handling performance, reliability and strength.
  • Super Heavy Forklift Trucks – Capacities 60 – 70 tonnes and beyond. For industrial customers with significant lifting requirements.
  • Empty Container Handlers – Kalmar’s revolutionary empty container handling machines allow you to move as many units as possible in the shortest, safest and most profitable way.
  • High Reach Forklifts / Stackers – machines that can handle loaded containers in the fastest and most efficient manner, in confined spaces, whilst ensuring optimum visibility for the driver.

LiftRite’s exclusive connection with Kalmar Global allows us to offer a full manufacturer’s warranty and aftersales support on all of our new Kalmar machines. Our range of used Kalmar products available for sale and hire also come with a limited LiftRite warranty.

Come down and check out our range of Kalmar forklifts, container handlers and big lift trucks. Or, call us or fill out the enquiry form below to be connected with a Kalmar product specialist.