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Kalmar Essential

March 08, 2018

Kalmar Essential Range

The new Kalmar Essential Range has Forklifts, Empty Container Handlers and Reachstackers in most popular capacities.

Specifically designedto reduce the cost of purchase and ownership, these machines will help you stay on budget!

Talk to the LiftRite Team about your container or industrial application requirements.


Improved fuel consumption Save up to 10%.

By combining the latest generation of highly efficient engines with the improved DANA TE 30500 5+3 transmission you get a choice of drivelines that will reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%, without reducing available power.

Smoother and more efficient.

Our Essential Range of reachstackers are all fitted with a load sensing hydraulic system, which applies the right amount of power to get the job done efficiently by measuring the weight of the load being handled.

Power on demand.

Should you require any additional power to get a specific job done quicker, you can use our power on demand system. This system tells the engine to produce additional power at the touch of a button.

Safer and quicker to maintain.

With industry leading service intervals and easily and safely accessible servicing points, your team can complete maintenance task faster and safer.


Ergonomically designed.

The Essential Cabin has been ergonomically designed to improve both your driver’s comfort and operational control. With an adjustable steering wheel, seat, and the choice of two joysticks everything is within easy reach for your driver.

More comfortable.

Our new cabin benefits from a new climate control package. This system has extra strong fans, so condensation can be removed quickly and a comfortable temperature maintained for your drivers.

Common platform.

There are many befits to a standardised platform. You will get a standardised control panel across the range, common electrics with common error codes, common points of connection and increased availability of common parts.

Many safety features as standard.

Non-slip surfaces, three-point access and two exit doors in case of an emergency, are just a few of our standard safety features. You get LED lights as standard, an electrically operated hand brake that is automatically applied when the engine stops, and an overload management system that warns your driver should they exceed the specified limits.


Improved connectivity.

Our new machines are smarter than before as they have a greater capacity to share data with external sources. You can connect your machine with Kalmar SmartFleet, where you can monitor and optimise your machine’s performance, or other external systems.

SOLAS complaint load measurement system.

You can now have your reachstacker fitted with the Kalmar Load Measurement System, which records the precise weight of every load your machine handles. This system is SOLAS complaint and can be fitted to most reachstackers.


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Kalmar In Western Australia


LiftRite Hire & Sales are Western Australia’s only Authorised Kalmar Dealer

With factory trained technicians, a fleet of Field Service vehicles and Service Agents in many areas, LiftRite can maintain your Kalmar where ever you may be

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