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Mining Attachments: a focus on efficiency

March 17, 2016

The last few decades have brought massive changes in the way that our everyday tasks are carried out, and mining is no exception.

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Efficiency concepts that weren’t even on the radar in the 1980s are now just part of what we do on a daily basis, in our personal lives and in business.

In a mining context, the focus on efficiency has created a highly innovated period where suppliers are working to maximise the productivity and effectiveness of their customers’ tasks.

At the forefront of this thinking has been rough terrain machinery and materials handling equipment manufacturer Manitou Group. The global giant is seeking to improve efficiencies for its customers in various markets through the provision of what is commonly referred to as “utility equipment”.

A utility machine is one that can be fitted with a range of different attachments to complete a number of different roles or positions on a job site

Utility machines can reduce the size of a company’s fleet and operating costs, while increasing the capability.

In the resources hub of Western Australia, LiftRite Hire & Sales provides the Manitou MHT range of telescopic handlers plus attachments to mining operators in all regions, all of whom have safety, productivity and cost-efficiency at the top of their agendas.

Customers can specify their telehandler with attachments ranging from simple forks and lift pallets through to conveyor rubber handlers, hydraulic cylinder handlers and final drive handlers.

Other attachments include jibs, winches, hooks, clamps and buckets and all have been engineered to reduce fleet maintenance costs and improve profitability over the life of a minesite.

Important safety considerations have also been incorporated into Manitou’s utility concept, with each attachment working to reduce or eliminate suspended loads, and positively clamp those loads where possible.

To fully explore the Manitou Mining or Construction range of attachments, call our Sales experts today.

Choose safety. Choose efficiency. Choose the right tool for the job, with Manitou utility equipment.


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