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Kalmar SOLAS VGM Solutions

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Kalmar SOLAS Weight Handling Solutions


Effective June 1st 2016 it has become mandatory under SOLAS – Safety Of Life At Sea –  conventions that cargo to be loaded to ships must have the weight verified. 170 contries around the world have signed the agreement  requiring cargo loads to be weighted prior to loading. The term used for this is VGM or Verified Gross Mass and can be done in two approved ways.

One is to calculate the weight of the goods, and packaging plus the weight of the shipping container.

The other is to weigh the shipping container fully loaded. This is the most accurate and straight forward way to do it.

The Kalmar Solution

Kalmar offers a SOLAS Weight Handling System that can be integrated into new or existing Series G,F and T Kalmar equipment.

This system integrates perfectly into all Kalmar systems with no modifications to the lifting equipment and the load data is processed in the control system of the machine.

The Kalmar SOLAS VGM system provides accuracy within 1% or 450Kg and meets all IMO reccomendations for VGM systems.

Kalmar SmartFleet

SOLAS Weight Handling can also integrate into Kalmar SmartFleet providing all VGM data such as weight, time, date, and container identification to the central SmartFleet Cloud. This maintains long term records and assists fleet operators in meeting their obligations to the SOLAS conventions.

Kalmar systems have the ability to interface with Terminal Operator Systems.

Kalmar Smart Solutions

The Kalmar Smart SOLAS VGM system will keep you up to date with shipping requirements.  As the only authorised Kalmar Dealer in Western Australia, LiftRite Hire & Sales supports Kalmar technology with factory trained Technicians and Technical Suport personnel. Talk to our team today.

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