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Is Manitou’s Rough Terrain Equipment Right for You?

November 02, 2017

When it comes to rough terrain equipment, very few brands have the pedigree of Manitou, with the brand having a rich history that dates as far back as the invention of the rough terrain forklift in 1958. After the initial success of this forklift, Manitou followed up with the.[...]

Kalmar DCT90-45E7 Empty Container Handler

October 16, 2017

COMING SOON! Kalmar DCT90-45E7 (II) Empty Container Handler On it’s way to Western Australia to begin service in our ports is the recently revised Series 2, DCT90-45E7 empty container handler. This unit is the first of the new specification DCT series to arrive in Australia with upgrades to stability.[...]

Underground Spec Manitou TMT25S

October 15, 2017


Blue Kobelco excavator

With Kobelco the Differences are More Than Skin Deep

October 11, 2017

The excavator market has a massive array of makes and models produced across the globe, making it difficult to work out what is a good buy and what is not. Setting machines apart from one another is not an easy task with many units appearing similar. Often buyers are.[...]

Why Are Machine Serial Numbers and Identification Plates Important?

August 29, 2017

Often when you contact your Service or Parts Department, you will be asked for your equipment’s serial number. At times this creates frustration as more often than not it’s on the machine and you aren’t anywhere near it. So, why is it needed, what information is available to service.[...]

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Why Should You Choose A Gehl Loader?

July 24, 2017

Gehl, part of the Manitou Group of companies, has been quietly building some of the most robust loaders available on the market today. Made in the USA, Gehl Skid Steer and Track Loaders have a wide range of features that complement their rugged build, keep them cost-effective and deliver.[...]