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Liftrite Hire For All Your Equipment Needs

May 29, 2020


A Message for our Loyal Customers

March 31, 2020


New Kalmar Goes Through It’s Paces

February 18, 2020


New Kalmar DRG700 Super Gloria In Western Australia

January 07, 2020


K-Assist Keeps You Working

December 10, 2019

If there’s one thing you need less of in your business, it’s downtime. With Kobelco’s latest owner support tool K-Assist we bring you the absolute best in remote support – it’s like having a Kobelco technician in the cab with you. K-Assist works in conjunction with the standard Geoscan.[...]

Remote Service Not So Remote

December 10, 2019

As a LiftRite technician, Belmir Jusic spends two weeks out of three living in Newman, often alongside staff from the mining customers he supports. He doesn’t regret the time away from home – in fact he says he loves the lifestyle – and he loves knowing that when a.[...]

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