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Manitou MHT On Site

Mining Solutions

Manitou Attachments

LiftRite works extensively with the Mining industry throughout Western Australia providing utility equipment that improves safety and provides significant productivity gains.

The Manitou MHT range of Telescopic Handlers is designed for the Mining Industry and has a wide range of attachments such as Cylinder Handlers, Tyre Handlers, Conveyor Handlers plus Jibs, Man Baskets, Buckets and Forks all for a single machine.

The Manitou MHT range is available from 6.0 ton capacities right up to the massive MHT-X14350, 14 metre 35 ton unit.

Recently a LiftRite customer taking delivery of a Manitou MHT-X10230 with a CH10 Cylinder Handler achieved a 67% reduction in job time removing a hydraulic cylinder from a Shovel against their “traditional” method.  And that was achieved the first time the new equipment was deployed! These time savings are possible using the range of Mining maintenance attachments suitable for the MHT, they vastly improve safety at the same time.

Talk us  today and see how we can help improve your site efficiency and safety with the right tool for the job.

Manitou attachments are designed to:

  • Be the right tool for the job
  • Eliminate or reduce suspended loads
  • Improve control over the load being lifted
  • Improve safety and efficiency
  • Provide positive hold on the load
  • Easily align installation or racking
  • Interchange quickly and safely with other attachments
  • Provide an all-purpose “utility function” for your Manitou
  • Work with you machine systems
  • Factory load charts readily available


Rough Terrain

Manitou elevated work platform

From Rough Terrain EWP’s in Mining Specifications through to Industrial, Semi Industrial or Rough Terrain Forklifts Manitou have the mining equipment to suit your site.

Producing one of the largest ranges of equipment that can operate in the Mining environment there is no better place to start and finish than Manitou.

Mining is a tough industry and Manitou machinery is engineered and built as tough as they come to meet these harsh demands. Underground, open pit or in processing or conveyor applications we can assist with the right gear for the task.

Talk to our Team today and see how we help improve your site efficiency with the right tool for the job.

Choose safety. Choose efficiency. Choose the right tool for the job, with Manitou utility equipment