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All I Want for Christmas is to Boost My Fleet

November 13, 2015

christmas hire

Materials handling and logistics is not an industry for the faint-hearted in the months leading up to 25 December.

Before most materials handling companies get to the “eat, drink and be merry” part of Christmas , there’s the seemingly-endless list of jobs to get through – customer orders that need to be fulfilled, warehouses that need to be stocked, deliveries that need to be sent out on time, every time.

Most of the jobs are urgent and all of them require an adequate, reliable fleet of materials handling equipment.

If you think your fleet might not be large enough to handle the demands of another busy season but you’re not ready to buy new, why not consider a short-term hire arrangement with a reputable machinery provider?

Hiring a machine can be a valuable stopgap during periods where you have to maximise productivity, but you don’t have the time or resources to dedicate towards researching a new purchase.

Hiring also allows you to try before you buy at a fixed monthly cost, and there are usually provisions within hire contracts that allow you to upgrade or swap machines as your business demands change.

Most importantly though, when you hire your materials handling equipment, you’re generally taking on a machine that has been well-maintained and serviced by the hire company. This of course, means that you will be unlikely to experience any sudden repairs or costly downtime during the hire period and on the rare occasion that this occurs, the hire company will usually replace the faulty machine, leaving you free to focus on the work at hand.


If you’re looking to boost your fleet this Christmas, our experienced Hire experts can help tailor an agreement to suit your business needs and budget.

So call us today and see for yourself how hiring your materials handling equipment can make all the difference to your productivity.




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