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Gehl 1640 Skid Steer Loader

October 07, 2016
Steer loader

Ivan at recently sent us a few pictures and comments on the tough Gehl 1640E Skid Steer Loader.  Thanks Ivan.

“The tipping weight of the GEHL 1640 is more like 420kgs and not 386kgs, although, I do weigh about 110kgs and therefore act as a good counterweight.

I’ve also included some pics of how to change a tire without having to use a jack. I’m sure the health and safety people will be using this as an illustration of ‘’what not to do’’.

The Gehl 1640E is provides an excellent balance between power to get the job done and a compact size to get into today’s tight working environments. LiftRite Hire can provide a Gehl 1640 complete on a trailer for the big jobs in tight spots.


And of course if you need a wine barrel talk to Ivan.

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