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How to Get Your Fleet Ready for Summer

November 03, 2015

Spring has well and truly sprung and now is the ideal time to start a pre-summer preventative maintenance check on your machines so that your fleet is in top working condition during the busy months ahead.

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It is important that you carry out pre-season maintenance checks several weeks in advance to prevent against unforeseen and costly repair bills, which can result in machinery downtime and lost productivity during peak workloads.

A typical maintenance check is best carried out by the owner or operator as they would be the person most familiar with the machine(s). Any serious issues or repairs that are identified during the check can then be referred to a mobile mechanic or service workshop for further investigation.

Change and Check Fuels, oils and tyres should be checked and changed regularly – the frequency will vary between machines and operators, and will depend primarily on how often the machine is used (ie how many hours in a 12-month period). When changing fuels and oils, be careful to match the temperature of the fluids to your manufacturer’s recommendations. Filters should be changed annually regardless of hours worked.

Components Conduct a daily visual inspection of all components such as cutting blades, hoses, cylinders and guards — and don’t ignore the edges of all attachments to see whether they have sustained any damage or wear since the last check. Examine each attachment’s lubrication and fluid levels and adjust or change them if needed. Also do a visual test of standard features such as heating and airconditioning, radios and windshield wipers. Check for cracked windows, broken lights or anything else that could result in unplanned downtime down the track.

Battery Inspection Regardless of how often your machines have been used during winter, you will need to check the battery. As there is always draw on the battery, it will gradually run down over time and need to be recharged in order to be operating at maximum efficiency during a busy season.  Always ensure that batteries are charged and all connections are clean before use — hard-starting issues may be a result of corroded terminals.

With good and regular maintenance, your machines will continue to perform to manufacturer specifications, your employees will be more productive, you’ll be able to keep your customers happy and your business will ultimately reap the profits. It’s a win-win all round!

Need help getting your fleet ready for summer? Call the experts in our Service department today – they can provide tips and advice, or they can do it for you as part of a workshop or mobile service.

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