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Kalmar unveils ‘K-Motion’ technology

January 29, 2016


Hot on the heels of its European debut in 2015, Kalmar has officially launched the fuel-efficient drive train system known as ‘K-Motion’ into the Asia-Pacific region.
Embedded into the programming on Kalmar’s Gloria range of reachstackers, K-Motion has been designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of each unit by improving uptime, ergonomics and safety while reducing fuel consumption, emissions and running costs.
According to Kalmar, the combination of hydrostatic and mechanical technologies used by K-Motion delivers “a more efficient transmission and allows for a smaller engine without compromising drive and lift power”.
“All of this adds up to a reduction in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by as much as 40%,” the company said.
K-Motion’s smart control system improves precision in low and high drive-speed modes by splitting the power to increase overall drive and lifting efficiency, while an improved joystick enables more precise driving.
As a result, daily operations become safer as drivers can focus on the task at hand and respond faster to potential problems, while improved ergonomics help reduce fatigue.

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