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Kalmar’s K-Motion Promises 40% Energy Savings to Reachstackers

August 08, 2016

kalmar-gloria-reachstacker-featuring-k-motion-drive-trainReach-stacking operations, with their repeated stopping and starting, lifting and lowering, tend to be rather poor users of energy. Abrupt changes in load demand are a feature of these operations, as engine speed is abruptly altered to deliver the required power – at great cost to the system’s fuel efficiency.

Keeping fuel costs and emissions down has become a priority for managers. Now Kalmar, one of the most respected names in the industry, has brought lifting technology up to date with the release of their K-Motion drive train system, which has been shown to yield fuel consumption savings of as much as 40%.

The K-Motion system uses improved load sensing and smart load-splitting to knock those rough edges off the power delivery characteristics of their Gloria reach-stacker. Better, smoother use of available power enables them to do the same job with a smaller engine, yet at a lower engine speed. As well as the energy savings, then, this leads to quieter and less tiring operation. And because engine speed is smoothly and automatically matched to load demand, less fuel is used and the operator is left free to concentrate on the precise operation of his machine.

At the same time, improvements to the joystick design have yielded better ergonomics and smoother and more precise operation, with a consequent safety dividend.

At present, K-Motion is available in the following DRG models:

For Container Handling:

–       Wheelbase 6.0 and 6.5 m

–       DRG 420-60 S5 to DRG 450-65 S6HC XS

–       Toplift spreader with twistlocks

For Industrial Handling:

–       Wheelbase 6.0 and 6.5 m

–       DRG 500-60 A5 to DRG 600-65 Z XS

–       Multi-functional Tool Carrier with twistlocks or dual Lift Hook

In other respects, the design of these proven achievers remains unchanged. To learn more about how K-Motion can transform your operation, send us a contact request here.

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