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With Kobelco the Differences are More Than Skin Deep

October 11, 2017
Blue Kobelco excavator

The excavator market has a massive array of makes and models produced across the globe, making it difficult to work out what is a good buy and what is not. Setting machines apart from one another is not an easy task with many units appearing similar. Often buyers are making decisions based on “what they did last time” or “someone’s opinion” without really digging into the pro’s and cons of the machines available.

So why consider a Kobelco excavator?

Excellence in Engineering

Kobelco spends thousands of man-hours getting its machines right before any are released to the market, ensuring you receive a machine that meets the highest standards. Engineering is the foundation of quality on which everything else is built. When you look over a Kobelco machine, the build quality stands out when it’s compared to some of the equipment produced by competitors and it’s not just skin deep. These excavators are manufactured and engineered in Japan to the highest standards.

Built tough

With over 80 years experience Kobelco built these machines tough to meet tough operating environments.  This experience gives you the confidence that you will go the distance with a Kobleco excavator.

Kobelco Stand Behind their Equipment

Standard Kobelco warranty is the best in the market, with four years or 4000 hours on all Mini Excavators and two years or 3000 hours, plus four years or 6000 hours Power Train warranty on all Heavy machines. Can you trust a manufacturer who doesn’t back up their gear?

Fuel Saving

With up to 24% fuel saving on Generation 10 machines, can you afford to operate anything else? Fuel costs make up a large component of cost of ownership, which can be significantly reduced using these machines. Kobelco is obsessed with improvements in economy and has achieved an average of 37% fuel reduction in the last ten years – massive, and you are the winner!

Kobelco can put their money where their mouth is with actual fuel usage data. Remember to ask for this in writing from the competitor’s salesperson!

Wide Range of Machines

Kobelco offer operating weights from 1.0 to 50 ton plus Long Carriage variants. Machines may be optioned with different boom lengths or shoe sizes to suit your requirements. Additionally, Kobelco produce Recycling and Offset boom models.


Kobelco’s technology is second to none, providing savings at each point:

  • Dust and Noise reductions both inside and outside of the operator’s cabin with patented iNDr system
  • GEOSCAN is standard equipment on all Kobelco Heavy machines offering fuel usage, location, work rate data.
  • Arm Interflow System improves efficiency and reduces fuel usage

The Little Things Really Count

Kobelco excavators have the little things included as a standard feature, and these small innovations can often save you as much as the large ones.

  • Spring steel rod guards on many Mini models
  • Hydraulic Quick Hitch Piping comes as standard on many models
  • Unique patented dozer blade profile makes for backfill quicker
  • Underside body frame is reinforced for strength and long life
  • Self-cleaning retractable crawler frames
  • Easy maintenance access
  • Super sealed ROPS cabins

The best way to check out the Kobelco machines we have available is to talk to LiftRite Hire & Sales. We have over 35 years of experience and are the Western Australian Kobelco Dealer.  With a large stock holding, you have the ability to try these units and make your own mind up on the value they offer.

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