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Manitou takes EWP safety to a new level

August 18, 2016
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Manitou takes EWP safety to a new level

EWP safety has been improved by most of the EWP manufacturers with the addition of secondary guarding. This guarding is designed to shut off movements in the event an operator gets trapped whilst the basket is lifting to prevent and reduce crush injury.

Manitou has gone a step further with it’s commitment to safety by now including their excellent Safe MAN System as standard equipment across the range of ManiAccess machines purchased in Australia. The Safe MAN System is a secondary guarding system located along the lower edge of the basket control box on these machines.

In the event that the pressure sensitive bar has pressure applied, movement of the basket is automatically shut out, an alarm sounds and a light on the base of the machine flashes to alert ground personnel.

Basket movement is shut out even if the control levers are being operated which prevents further injury where an operator becomes trapped and is unable to release the control. In the event of accidental trigger of the system it has an easy reset from the basket or can be released by the lower controls on the machine.

An additional setting can be applied to retract the boom in the event of a Safe MAN System trigger however this is up to the operator whether this is activated or not.

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The ManiAccess range consists of:

  • 4 Electric models with 9.9 to 17 metres working heights
  • 5 Articulated Boom all terrain models
  • 2 Straight Boom all terrain models up th 28 metres working height

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ManiAccess Key Features

  • Safe Man System
  • Very cost effective
  • ATJ 4WD models with 160ATJ+ with 400 Kg, 3 person capacity
  • TJ 4WD models standard with 350 Kg, 3 person capacity
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Very fuel efficient
  • Very stable booms for reduced movement and safer operation
  • Incremental hydraulic controls
  • High performance hydraulics
  • 7 rough terrain models
  • On Board Diagnostics

LiftRite Hire & Sales are the Western Australian Manitou Dealer . We supply and support  the ManiAccess range of equipment across the state. Talk to our Team today about Manitou EWP equipment.


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