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TMTs: Leading the way in Productivity

May 23, 2016

When operator productivity and convenience are compromised, a truck-mounted forklift may be the solution.

TMT2      TMT

As the name suggests, a truck-mounted forklift (also known as a truck-mounted telehandler, or TMT) can be fixed to the back of a full-laden truck and used to unload cargo at a destination site without third party assistance.

Using simple steps, an operator can disengage a TMT from his truck to unload and deliver goods, and then reconnect the machine to the truck before moving onto the next delivery.

TMTs are revolutionary for the increased productivity and reduced costs they bring to materials handling jobs.

Because a TMT is operated by the truck driver, there is no need for additional labour and any extra charges normally incurred from hiring separate forklifts to unload cargo are eliminated.

A TMT is equipped with a telescopic boom offering significant forward stability and enabling operators to unload goods from one side without the need for heavy attachments. This can be a bonus in tight workspaces or when a driver has no alternative but to park his truck alongside a wall or ditch.

Manitou Australia’s range of compact ManiTransit TMTs offer end-users the option of being able to deliver goods to wherever their customers require without having to worry about how to unload once they get there.

With capacities of 2500kg and lift heights of 3.45m, the all-terrain machines have generous clearance to avoid damage from obstacles such as potholes or uneven ground, while 3WD and large tyres provide the traction needed to move loads over soft or difficult conditions.

All Manitou cabins are equipped with 360 degree visibility, enhancing safety and efficiency on site, and with each boom being located towards the middle of the machine, the driver’s position is offset allowing the operator an unobstructed view of his cargo at all times.

In Western Australia, TMTs have become the preferred option when it comes to the delivery of a number of materials including cement, bricks, tiles, turf and scaffolding.

If you’re interested in an easy-to-use machine that can increase your productivity and reduce your costs, call our Sales experts today to learn more about how ManiTransit TMTs can give your business a lift.

manitransit video


> Rough terrain

> Attaches to truck rear, leaving cargo space free for carrying goods

> Enables unloading from one side of the truck

> Lift height of 3.45m

> Easy-to-use and maintain

> Fast coupling and decoupling from truck


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