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Hiring Vs Buying

September 19, 2016

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Here at LiftRite Hire & Sales, our customers often ask us whether they should hire from our rental fleet or buy from our vast range of brand new equipment.

Of course,  the approach you take will always depend on your individual business and budget.

So why hire?

The main advantages of hiring your fleet is the flexibility that a rental agreement can offer length of contract, availability of equipment and the ability to upgrade your hire fleet in line with changing technology or workloads.

At LiftRite Hire & Sales, we know everything there is to know about materials handling equipment hire, and we are here to help you with that knowledge.

And because no two businesses are alike, we won’t try to sell you into a pre-packaged agreement – instead, our Hire experts will work with you to customise a rental contract that suits your individual budget and business needs.

Our large range of rental equipment is available for long or short term hire and can be changed for different equipment as your needs change. Talk to our Hire team today to explore your options.

Hire your fleet and enjoy these benefits…

  • No capital outlay so you can keep your money in your business
  • Upgrade or changeover your equipment as your business needs change
  • Add additional equipment during peak seasons
  • Only pay for equipment as you need it
  • Zero maintenance hassles – we’ll take care of servicing and repairs
  • No purchase, disposal or finance issues, meaning you can spend more time and money on your business
  • A rental agreement is “off balance sheet”
  • A rental agreement is 100% tax deductible
  • A more simplified budgeting process for your business
  • Flexible with short or long-term options available
  • Try before you buy ensures you are happy with your choice of equipment
  • Purchase the rental equipment if it suits your needs

Whether you need equipment for a day, a month, a year or longer, give LiftRite Hire & Sales a call on 9455 2077 and get a better rental!

We make hiring easy because we never forget that you are in the driver’s seat!

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