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Innovation starts with Manitou

September 23, 2016
Yellow crane

Business today largely has to be founded on innovation, whether it’s a new or better way to stay in touch with customers, or something that’s technically in front of the competition innovation is a component to success. Those who can innovate well by increasing efficiency or improving ways their jobs are done are the ones who will be here for the long term and likely to be more profitable at the same time.

Finding providers of innovative solutions becomes increasingly important to enable you to stay in front of your competition, a task that can be difficult.

As with many companies Manitou was founded on an innovative idea – The Rough Terrain Forklift, however unlike many Manitou didnt stop there and new ideas are still a core value today. Manitou continually come out with new ideas for doing legacy tasks and making them faster , more efficient and safer.

An example of innovation is UK company Rail Products who are building rail equipped Aerial Work Platforms using Manitou equipment to improve efficiency of maintenance on the UK railways.

Check out Manitou’s Industry Solutions for some of the equipment that is now off the shelf  and a direct result of forward thinking. Manitou provide solutions for Agriculture to Mining, Food Preparation to Aerospace. If you need an innovative partner, start with us.

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