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Why is Kobelco Equipment a Smart Investment?

May 23, 2017

In the quest to keep business expenses to a minimum, owners often look at purchasing cheaper equipment, but is going cheaper a smart move?

There’s usually a reason products are sold at a lower price by suppliers, an obvious one being lower labour costs when it comes to manufacturing. Other examples include where the equipment is produced, with many cheaper products coming from suppliers that use poorer quality parts and less efficient, unknown components, such as hydraulics, engines or pumps. Many of these products will either cost more to operate or will have a shorter operating life than the top shelf products. Either way, these short-term price cuts can cost more in the long-term.

Due to the highly crowded and competitive nature of the construction equipment market, the pricing tends to be very competitive. To get ahead, low-cost suppliers often lean towards lower quality brands and equipment. However, by purchasing the more expensive, better quality equipment, to begin with, you’ll be better off in the long-term, both financially and in terms of efficiency.

So how does a Kobelco excavator stack up?

Highly Experienced Manufacturer

Kobelco has long been renowned as a quality brand that offers a long life and efficient operation. General build quality is excellent and quality components are used at every point. With over 80 years of manufacturing experience, Kobelco construction machines are built in Japan.


Kobelco excavators come with an industry leading warranty, with Midi and large machines having a two year or 3000-hour full warranty, plus a four-year or 6000 hour EPT warranty. Mini machines have a standard four-year or 4000-hour full warranty. Kobelco also offers their excellent range of K2 Genuine maintenance parts, which offer significant saving to owners.

Lower Noise and Dust levels

Kobelco’s innovative iNDr or Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction Cooling System is the result of over six years of research and development. It reduces cabin and environmental noise levels to well below the regulatory requirements, and the Dust Control system reduces the time taken to clean radiators and oil coolers when the machine is being used in dusty conditions.

Kobelco Saves You Fuel

Kobelco has engineered their Hydraulic systems to be ultra efficient. This has resulted in machinery that uses up to 20% less fuel than the previous Kobelco models when tested in a range of operational conditions, not the lab. A 20% fuel saving on a large excavator will offer savings of around $13000 annually well and truly reducing any upfront price gap.


Hydraulic performance has benefitted from research on fuel savings, which makes cycle times on Kobelco equipment fast and efficient. Digging performance is strong with excellent breakout forces right through the range of machine sizes.

For additional information on the Kobelco range of equipment look no further than your Western Australian Kobelco Dealer LiftRite Hire & Sales with over 30 years experience in earthmoving.

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