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Kobelco – We Save You Fuel

May 04, 2017

Recognized Around the World as Number One in Fuel Efficiency


 Backed by 80 Years of KOBELCO Technology.

At KOBELCO, fuel efficiency is more than a passing fad. It’s an obsession. It was one of the main things we thought about when we designed the Acera Geospec SK200-8.

We listened to excavator users in the field, who told us that fuel economy was the best way to increase profits.

The 8 Series Acera Geospec, which hit the Japanese market in 2006. Compared with our previous 6 Series, the new series reduced fuel consumption by 20% and increased productivity by 8%. Needless to say, that got the industry’s attention.

To achieve these impressive improvements, we reviewed every element in the design, from the engine to the hydraulic components. After a long process of trial and error, our efforts paid off.

The Acera Geospec’s superior fuel economy is now recognized throughout the world, and it was achieved without sacrificing operating efficiency.

It offers superb overall power while drastically reducing exhaust and particulate emissions.

Traditionally, operating efficiency has been considered inversely proportional to exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.

But we have made the impossible possible with KOBELCO technology, which boasts an 80-year history and covers a wide range of technical fields.

We use technology to solve user problems. With 80 years of experience in technical innovation, we will continue to seek improvements that benefit our customers.

LiftRite Hire & Sales are here to help your business improve profitability, with 30 years experience supplying to the Earthmoving Industry.

We carry the full range of Kobelco Mini, Midi and Large Excavators plus buckets, hitches and  parts.

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