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Liftrite Moves the Earth with Kobelco’s Excavator Range

September 27, 2016
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At Liftrite, we are proud of the list of manufacturers whose products we distribute. We believe they represent the finest standards of workmanship, design and value for money. So it’s a big day for us when a new one comes along. As of the first of October, we begin sales for Kobelco, makers of an extensive range of mini- midi- and large excavators. We’re taking this opportunity to explain why we were so keen to add the Kobelco brand to our shingle.

Kobelco began making small earth-moving equipment in the 1930s, when it produced Japan’s first, electrically- powered shovel. Their range now extends from the agile 8Kw Kobelco SK008 Canopy to the mighty, 271 Kw Kobelco SK500LC.

History and Tradition, fused with State- of- the- Art Manufacturing Technology

2000-kobelco-sk20sr-mini-excavatorFrom its earliest origins, Kobelco has pursued a standard of quality that other manufacturers can only envy. Their approach to quality control has been systematic, and they now have a system which is sufficiently “portable” to allow them to manufacture their products all over the world under the Kobelco brand, yet maintain the standards of quality that are the hallmark of the brand. Although heavily invested in robotic welding and machining, Kobelco nonetheless believes in the continuing role of human skill and ingenuity in the building of fine machinery.

The result is the world’s leading range of small earth- moving machinery, and we’re delighted to be offering it to Western Australian customers.

iNDR Brings Quieter, Cleaner Operation

hire_firm_chooses_kobelcoWe know that the essence of excellence is just as often to be found in numerous incremental improvements, as in dramatic, revolutionary innovation, and we look for manufacturers who share this view, and who strive for constant improvement of their products. Kobelco’s integrated Noise and Dust Reduction system, iNDR, is a good example. Much of the objectionable noise from earth-moving plant is generated by the fan driving the column of cooling air past the engine. This is a particular problem for the smaller excavators, which are more likely to used in close proximity to the general public. Kobelco found that simply by shifting the impeller of the cooling system from the mouth of the intake manifold and locating it deep within the cooling duct, Kobelco have significantly reduced the noise affecting the operator and those in the vicinity of the digger. And shifting the fan has allowed the installation of a very large filter that gives far better protection from the dust which is the bugbear of excavation operations. iNDR is found in all the Kobelco mini- and midi-excavator ranges.

iNDR is just the latest of a string of innovations which we think make these the world’s most dependable, fuel-efficient and, now, quietest range of small, medium and large excavators.

If you’d like to learn more about the Kobelco range, give us a call or send us a contact request here.

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