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Manitou Attachments: Improving Safety & Efficiency

May 04, 2016

Australia’s machine attachment market is steadily growing, with an increasing number of suppliers providing hundreds of attachments for different machines.


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Attachments reduce the amount of manual handling required on the job, improving safety and generally make equipment more productive as its capability increases.

Mining attachments range from a simple crane jib up to highly complex grabs capable of more intricate or specific tasks.

Manitou has an extensive range of genuine attachments for its range of telehandlers, designed specifically for each model and available with correct Load Charts and comprehensive warranties.

They can turn a simple telehandler into a highly-customisable and useful utility machine for your business, and can provide significant multi-tasking capabilities to reduce the time and cost of each job.

But time and cost savings are not the only advantages.


Put simply, Manitou attachments will make your job safer, as they are designed with a specific application in mind and will meet the requirements of that application every time.

Having the right tool for the job can reduce common workplace injuries such as cuts and abrasions, lifting strains from poor manual handling processes, and trips and falls due to unorganised working conditions.

Working at heights and lift risks can also be reduced by using a positive hold tool.

Eliminate or reduce suspended loads

Suspended loads can be a major safety issue on work sites and reducing them can provide considerable benefits for business owners and operators.

The need to ensure workers are correctly qualified to sling a load as well as the management of free-swinging loads can all be eliminated by the use of attachments that are designed to provide a positive hold on the job.

Improve control over the load

When a load is positively held, the operator has much greater control over its final positioning – in other words, where it will be placed, racked or aligned.  Positive contact and control with Manitou’s JSM Joystick system ensures a load is always controlled, eliminating workplace risks and making the job safer and faster.


Manitou genuine attachments are specifically designed and engineered to correctly interface with each machine including in some cases, with remote control to ensure an operator can always see the task being performed. They fit and work with the manufacturer’s controls from day one.

By comparison, non-genuine attachments are often unable to provide integration to this level.

Improved productivity

In a world where everyone is looking to improve productivity, the speed of any given task is critical. Replacing traditional slinging methods with the use of a Manitou attachment can speed up tasks like picking, carrying, racking or aligning without compromising operator safety, and can save a business time and money over the long term. Unlike traditional methods, attachments also take just one operator to carry out many tasks, thereby reducing labour requirements for business owners.

Cost savings

Manitou attachments turn a standalone machine into a multi-tasker, making them more cost-effective than other solutions. Coupled with a reduced labour requirements and reduced safety risks, there is significant potential for ongoing cost savings.

Utility functions

Manitou attachments quickly, easily and safely decouple for efficient changeover. Attachment load settings are integrated into each head unit allowing an operator to select the attachment in use and ensuring the correct overload settings.

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LiftRite Hire & Sales is Manitou’s authorised dealer for Western Australia, providing equipment solutions to the mining, construction and agricultural industries for over 30 years.

We can supply the full range of Manitou telehandlers and attachments, from simple forks and lift pallets through to conveyor handlers, hydraulic cylinder handlers, final drive handlers, work platforms, jibs and winches.

Talk to our experts today and see how we help improve the efficiency of your worksite with the right tool for the job.

Choose safety. Choose efficiency. Choose the right tool for the job, with Manitou’s utility equipment.

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