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Technology Driving Forklift Efficiency – A Focus on Kalmar

July 05, 2016

The Quest for Efficiency

For many years equipment manufacturers have sought to improve efficiency through cost improvements and in the last few years technology has been at the forefront of these improvements.Equipment in general is having a regeneration with electronic control systems taking hardware to new efficiency levels that is not possible without precise electronic management.

Electronic monitoring systems now provide operators with the opportunity to measure and monitor most aspects of the tasks being performed and identify where efficiency is not consistent or falls behind expectations.

These improvements have been assisted by reductions in the costs of technology, faster and cheaper data connections with better coverage, and a stronger push from business to drive costs down. Responding to these factors, Kalmar have produced a highly effective platform from which to drive improvements in operating costs and then directly monitor the results. This takes the form of Kalmar K-Motion and SmartFleet.

Kalmar in brief

Kalmar provides cargo handling solutions and services to ports, terminals, distribution centres and heavy industry. Kalmar are the industry forerunner in terminal automation and energy efficient container handling, with 25% of container moves around the globe being handled by a Kalmar solution. Kalmar improves the efficiency of your every move through an extensive product portfolio, global service network, solutions for seamless integration of terminal processes and high productivity machines. With almost 70 years of innovative forklift design and manufacturing history Kalmar have the experience and expertise to drive your operation costs down.

Why Kalmar for your Fleet?

Kalmar is a world reknowned manufaturer of quality medium and heavy forklift and reachstackers. Their products are focused on providing operators with low downtime, quality built equipment with an exceptional service life.

Kalmar are committed to environmental sustainability demonstrated by both it’s vision for zero emission statement for 2060 and the development of K-Motion technology which provides a significant reduction in greenhouse emissions.

Kalmar’s commitment to quality design and build puts you, the customer front and centre with high productivity equipment that is dependable over the long term. Choose Kalmar for your fleet and see the difference for yourself.

The Kalmar Range

Forklift Trucks 5.0 ton to 52 ton capacity
Empty Container Handlers
Kalmar K-Motion and Smart Fleet

Kalmar K-Motion

All the power, 40% less fuel

K-Motion is a technological solution that uses a smart control system to increase overall drive and lift efficiency resulting in fuel consumption and emission reductions of up to 40% with no loss of usable power. This is achieved by better controlling  driveline components to provide power when and where it is needed. K-Motion is Kalmar’s response to customers needs to reduce costs of using large forklifts and reach stackers. K-Motion significantly improves TCO or Total Cost of Ownership over the equipments operational life.

Real Life Data

In a direct comparison between K-Motion and Standard the K-Motion equipped machines achieved:

  • On average K-Motion used 30.88% less litres of fuel per ton compared to the standard machines.
  • The lowest fuel use to highest comparison was a 50% saving on litres per ton moved.
  • On average fuel used per picked load was 17.69% less on the K-Motion machines.
  • The lowest to highest fuel usage per load picked was a 36.89% improvement with K-Motion.


This data was collected using Smartfleet on a site using both K-Motion and standard Kalmar reachstackers of the same size, doing similar work.

Kalmar SmartFleet

Reduce downtime through remote fleet monitoring Kalmar SmartFleet is a process automation solution that improves your operation transparency and reduces downtime through remote equipment monitoring and reporting.

With reporting statistics based on key performance indicators at your fingertips, you have a clear and accurate picture of what’s really going on in your operation.You cant manage what you don’t measure – The provision of accurate and timely information allows you to make the right decisions on process improvement and areas that may need attention to lower costs.

SmartFleet Provides

Increased equipment uptime
Improved maintenance and repair efficiencies
Improved Safety
Planned maintenance
Improves fleet visibility
Remote fleet monitoring
Automatic status notification
Statistics and reporting on KPIs
Remote fleet monitoring
Automatic status notification
Statistics and reporting on KPIs

Whole Fleet Solution

SmartFleet is available for all new Kalmar equipment and can be retrofit to any brand of existing equipment. This ensures consistency in reporting across operations including equipment other than forklifts.

LiftRite Hire & Sales your Kalmar Experts


LiftRite Hire & Sales are the Western Australian Kalmar Dealership offering the range of Kalmar Forklifts, Reachstackers and Empty Container Handlers plus full back up support to keep your investment operational.

LiftRite have over 33 years of Materials Handling experience, with around 65 staff and a state wide service network we can make your job easy from the wine regions in the south to red dust of WA’s Kimberley and beyond. Our factory trained support staff service and repair our customers machines plus keep our own fleet of Kalmar rental equipment on the move.
We operate one of Australia’s largest rental fleets of Kalmar equipment ensuring we have the right equipment to service your needs. Our equipment is available for long or short term hire and is comprehensively supported to keep you on the move. LiftRite are able to provide specialised hire equipment on fixed terms where your preference is to keep equipment off balance sheet.

The LiftRite Hire Fleet is constantly growing including the recent addition ofnew Kalmar 7, 8 and 10 ton machines to provide extra capacity in this growing market segment.

Talk to our Team today about Kalmar solutions for your operations

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